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Electric Bike questions and answers

Electric Bike questions and answers 1) What types of electric bikes are they ?

There are three types of E bike drive systems Front wheel Drive , Rear wheel Drive and Central Drive and three voltage supplies 24 volt 26 volt and 36 volt.

2) How fast do E bikes (Electric Bikes ) go ?

E Bikes are restricted in the UK to 25 kph above these speeds power has to come from the rider.

3) How many miles can you get from a charge?

This will depend on the type of drive system and the power output of the battery (measured in watts ) most E bike systems operate between 300 watts and 575 watts therefore the mileage per charge can vary between 30 and 125 miles per charge . Mileage achieved can be adversely affected by the following  1, under inflated tyres , 2) wind, 3) correct use of gears 4 ) weight of rider .

4) How  long is the warranty on E Bikes

Electric bikes come with a minimum two year warranty on all their electrical components including the battery.

5) Can I turn the power of and use like a normal bike ?

Yes you can , you can control the amount of assistance from the motor from 0% to 150%

6) Does the battery recharge itself whilst I am riding ?

The vast majority of E bikes do not recharge the battery whilst riding , a battery charger is supplied with every Electric bike.

7) How long does it to charge the battery from flat?

For most E bikes it takes four hour to charge from flat , although it is not necessary to run the battery to empty it can be charged at any state of charge the same as your mobile phone.

8) Do I get exercise when using an Electric bike ?

Yes most definitely , most E bikes in the UK are called pedalecs ( this implies that in order for the motor to switch on the pedals have to turn ) the motor then recognizes  the amount of effort from the rider and responds according to the level of assistance requested on the handlebar display. In short Heart , Lungs, and leg muscles get a full exercise without leaving you completely exhausted.

9) What types of  Electric bike s are on the market

E Bikes come in as many forms and styles as an ordinary bikes . ie Racing bikes, with drop bars , Mountain bikes, with knobbly tyres suspension and many gears , Hybrid bikes, thinner tyres mudguards and carriers , ideal for commuting or cycle tracks. Folding bikes , that will collapse small enough to go into a car boot, caravan or boat,

10) Do any Electric bikes have a throttle ?

Some E bikes have a throttle to help you to get going if required , but this is limited to a top speed of  approximately 5 miles per hour

11) What makes of E bikes would you recommend?

Wisper,Haibike, Raleigh, Ebco, Orbea ,Bergamont, Whyte, Freego, Specialized, Giant, Corretec,
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