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£ 34.99
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Connect to your favourite fitness app or device with the Bion Speed and Cadence sensor.Featuring an advanced dual band wireless chip, it allows connection with both Bluetotth (BLE 4.0) and ANT+ devices.It is compatible with most apps, smartphones, watches and cycle computers. The sensor is weatherproof with a slimline fit. Get in the zone and start training smarter with the Bion Speed & Cadence sensor.

- Accurate speed and cadence measurement
- Compact & slimline desgin
- Universal fit & easy installation
- Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ wireless technology
- Works with most apps, Smartphones, watches and cycle computers
- Replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery lasts up to 20 months
- Third party app compatibility
£ 74.99
Blackburn Atom SL 6.0 Wireless Bike Computer for some serious training on the road or at home with the home trainer this computer will work for you with a digital rear wheel wireless transmitter. Functions include Barometric altimeter accurate to 0.1 meters, dual trip arrival time, wireless cadence, current, average and max speed with pace arrow, trip distance/odometer, ride timer, 12/24 Hour clock, auto scan.
£ 13.00

- 100% waterproof
- Low battery indicator
- Wired speed sensor
- Smart power control system for energy-saving


- Current speed
- Trip distance
- Odometer
- 12/24 hour clock
- Auto scan
£ 370.00
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The Mio Cyclo™ 505 allows you to navigate easily from point A to B or to follow your own preferred routes. However, if you choose to use the unique Surprise Me™ feature, the Mio Cyclo™ 505 will offer you three surprising bicycle routes based upon your entered time, distance or destination. This is the ideal feature for anyone who doesn’t feel like going through all the hassle of downloading tracks. And if you are riding with more people, you just use the Shake and Share feature, which allows you to share your selected route with your friends by simply shaking your Mio Cyclo™ 505.

The flat, anti-glare 3” touch screen and lightweight design make the Mio Cyclo™ 505 perfect for anyone who enjoys style and wants a slim device to fit on their lightweight bicycle. The turn-by-turn navigation effortlessly guides you, indicating every instruction with a clear sound alert. With the simple menu structure and clear on-screen buttons, the Mio Cyclo™ 505 offers you true ease of use.

With the MioShare™ desktop application you are able to store your data and manage your route history. The easy-to-use application allows you to download routes and enjoy new roads and areas that others find interesting.

Thanks to the integrated WIFI in the Mio Cyclo™ 505, you can connect with MioShare™ without even turning on your PC. So if you found a track online, and saved it on your MioShare™, you simply press the “WIFI sync” button and the track will be uploaded to your device. It works the other way around as well: when you are done cycling, you just press the same button and your track will be uploaded to your MioShare™ account in just a couple of minutes.

The Mio Cyclo™ 505 is fully equipped for the competitive cycler and mountain biker. Apart from measuring everything you need to know about your performance, it also offers you workout programs, that can be done outdoor, but also indoor when the weather is not allowing you to cycle outside. And, to complete the package, it comes with a built-in ANT+™ sensor, so you can easily connect with a wireless heart-rate monitor, wheel- and cadence sensor or a power meter.