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Cycle Trainers

£ 169.99
(-26.47%) £ 125.00
- Available in red. Fits 24" - 29" bikes
- 5 resistance levels with bar mount adjuster
- Height adjustable frame
- Quick release wheel lock for easy mounting
- Quick release skewer included
£ 140.00
(-10.72%) £ 124.99
The Cycleops Tempo H Mag Turbo trainer is the perfect solution to riding in the cold and horrible rain. It’s true, riding outside is everyone’s preference, but riding inside is better than not riding at all. To make it more life-like, the H Mag features magnetic resistance unit with five adjustable levels of linear resistance to accommodate your workout. The self cooling design of the resistance unit secures a perfect function, also during intensive workouts. The Tempo Mag also includes a bar-mounted remote shifter for changing resistance levels while you ride.

Brake: Flywheel
Frame: H Style stable frame with safety lock and non-marking rubber feet
Extra Features: Extra Wide footprint with folding legs
Lifetime Warranty
Magnetic Cylinder
Resistance Levels: 5 Levels of resistance controlled through handlebar mounted lever
£ 170.00
(-11.76%) £ 150.00
This limited edition Tempo Mag has a great mix of features, with a wide stable frame, quiet operation and a remote shift lever.


- 5 position adjustment magnetic resistance Entry level trainer, but exceptional value

- Remote adjuster included

- Quiet operation

- CycleOps Original Classic frame

- Extra wide footprint

- Cam lever frame lock

- Folding legs
£ 145.00
(-31.03%) £ 100.00
- The all new Turbo Trainer takes literally moments to set up.

- Hooks up to almost any bike including road and mountain bikes with 26", 27", 28" and 700c wheel.

- State of the art trainer, specifically engineered for fitness and endurance indoor training at lowest possible costs.

- The turbo trainer offers 7 levels of powerful magnetic resistance to simulate multiple road conditions using a remote handlebar mounted cable operated resistance changer.

- 7 resistance levels with remote cable

- Handlebar control lever

- Suitable for 26-28"